About ZOOtrition

ZOOtrition, Inc. is a Central Florida-based specialty grower and supplier of natural “browse” (fresh, plant-based food products like Willow and Acacia) for exotic animals residing in zoos and animal parks. With over 10 years experience in growing high-quality browse, and working with veterinarians and animal handlers for one of the largest and best known wild animal parks in the world, John Ficquette, president and founder of ZOOtrition, Inc. has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in horticulture and freshly grown browse.

All ZOOtrition browse is naturally grown in a chemical-free, controlled and specially protected growing operation to ensure the purity and safety of their products . Plants are cut fresh to order and can be shipped in refrigerated containers to maintain freshness and preserve maximum nutritional value.

"The fresh, natural browse that ZOOtrition has supplied to us over the years has resulted in healthy, strong animals, reduced vet bills and increased longevity."

-Wendy Andrew, horticulturist