Our Product

ZOOtrition’s natural browse plant selections are capable of providing both primary and supplementary dietary enrichment to a broad range of zoo animals, including elephants, rhinos, zebras, giraffes and many others. We are continually enhancing our browse crops and our service to you. We welcome your input as we tailor our business to best serve you.


  • All ZOOtrition browse is naturally grown and fresh
  • Browse selections are based on the natural diet of the animals, which enhances their health and vigor, while increasing longevity and reducing veterinary requirements
  • ZOOtrition principals are highly knowledgeable in large animal dietary needs
  • We cultivate and harvest our plants in secure areas, so that they are not exposed to chemicals or pesticides
  • Located in Central Florida, our sunny, subtropical climate allows us to provide browse earlier and continue cutting material later into the year
  • ZOOtrition browse can be refrigerated and shipped to maintain freshness